September 20th, 2004


"Home sweet home"

I forgot Mrs. Bear. I thought I might, and I did. Mom might drop her off Tuesday or Wednesday; she was going to drop her off between my calc and CS classes, but I didn't want her to have to drive back, drive out again, and drive back again.
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Ya know, I'm not really sure why I update. I don't need to remember most of this stuff, and I'm fairly certain that very few people actually bother to read my entries - mostly because they don't change; it's all the same. I wouldn't read my entries either. In fact, I don't bother to look back at them, because they're all worthless.

Sparks - doing L'Hopital's rule in calc now. Or rather, did it today.

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Keep your lamps trimmed and burning

You know, it's funny - I don't know that anyone that reads this knew me back then - Jeff and Cary are the only possibilities, unless Slater actually reads my journal, in which case he definitely remembers - this is how I was a few years ago. Perhaps not to the same extent, but it's not really much different. So why's it harder now? Or maybe it's not, and it just seems easier back then.

Bobby's going to drag me to work out one of these nights. He was going to do it tonight, but I whined and begged my way out of it. But one night this week, I have to go.

It's funny.. he asked me, "Is there even one thing that you like about here?" My answer was, "No."

I'd type up all the random stuff I wrote down, but since I don't think anyone cares, I'm not going to. You can ask if you want to hear it, but it's the same type of random crap as always.

Oh, however, I wanted to call and talk today, but as I've used exactly 600 of my 600 day minutes, I can't until my billing period starts over on Wednesday (or Thursday?). ...Yeah.

Yay for Mommy.

She's gonna come tomorrow after her car appointment and bring me my teddy bear.

1/6 of the way through. Just god-knows-how-much longer until I can go home!


This is very, pathetically sad. =/