September 19th, 2004


Tenshi-chan -

Hook me up with some techno. XP


x0XshigureX0x: ::PET::
JimBob4554: ::VAMPIRE::
x0XshigureX0x: ::hide::
JimBob4554: :;seek::
JimBob4554: :D
x0XshigureX0x: xD ::fetal position::
JimBob4554: uhh..
JimBob4554: ::maternal instinct::?
x0XshigureX0x: lmfao

wtfh was I supposed to say there? XP

(no subject)

The weekend went pretty well. The main glitch was that I am a complete and utter idiot, and I was expected somewhere for an hour of my time by people that I know would do anything for me if I asked, and I forgot. And no matter what, I'm not going to be able to stop kicking myself for it. I deserve to be beaten for that.

I'm going to try to make myself care enough tonight to do my sources for STS, but I doubt that's going to happen, and I'm tired anyway. I have a few other things to take care of as well, and we'll see how everything goes.

I.. kinda ran out of important things to say. Heh.
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