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10:05am 15/09/2004

What Spell Faerie are you?
I am a Fire Faerie. Fire Faeries are mischievous urchins that inhabit the hotter realms of Neopia. They love nothing better than playing tricks and causing havoc wherever they go. What Faerie are you? Click here to find out.

You are Bumblebee Man - on shanemcdonald.com

Congratulations, Pat!   
03:40pm 15/09/2004
mood: sad :(

Though, it makes me sad that I don't get to accompany her. :'(

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skwerrel> sigh...sometimes i really wish i could just ignore my brain and become a christian

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07:21pm 15/09/2004
mood: upset/disappointed
My plans for the weekend are RUINED!

... Lousy storms. *grumbles*

I'll have to think of something else. This bothers me, though, because it looks like next weekend is going to be stormy as well, and it's going to be getting cooler and busier as time goes on. =/ And I want to do this.



edit: Ya know, I wish I had something to do here. I should probably do my work. But dammit, I want something else to do!

edit: Coal. "Final Exercises" is graduation. Def. not necessary. :P