September 14th, 2004


Nothing to say! heh heh.

Wet sandals down non-carpetted floor <> fun. [No, I didn't fall, but my foot slipped.]

I looked over calc yesterday.. which was pretty much worthless, since I'll look over it again now and it won't matter. *shrug* Didn't do any of the [calc] homework, but hopefully it won't matter.

Have a lot to do today; have a lot to do this week, really. A lot to get ready for tomorrow, a bit to get ready for Thursday, a lot to get ready for next Monday, a lot to get ready for next Wednesday, a lot to get ready for next Thursday. -sighs-

Unless I get really lucky with my partner and working things out for the paper for Engineering, I won't be coming home this weekend, because I'll be here working on that (not to mention catching up in chemistry, since I have a quiz on Wednesday (4 quizzes + drop the lowest = 60% of my final grade). =/

Not much in the way of classes today - glad I dropped ROTC, as it gives me time to do work on Tuesdays/Thursdays. Which is nice, because I need that time. -sighs-

Hoping hoping hoping to survive. XP

Sorry if I'm not giving it a chance, Myles. I know I'm not. But honestly, I can't give everything a chance - I'm giving something else a chance that conflicts with this, and right now, the other one is more important (provided I still receive a decent education, which is why I'm trying to find the best college that's within decent commuting distance from home).

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-_- Sorry about the rant. *lj-cuts*

But yeah. Some of this was UVA specific, some wasn't. There'd be classes that I'd have to take no matter where I went that I'd feel were completely and utterly worthless.

I should go get dressed, eat, and get ready for calc.

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The night.

"47 percent of last year's graduates participated in a study abroad program."

Wow. That's.. wow. [UofRichmond]

edit: So yeah. Went to the library, did one source, and then didn't feel like doing any more and came back. I can access anything I'm going to be doing there from here - I'm not going to be looking into actual books right now, and I can get to the databases from anywhere. So yeah.

Hopefully, by the end of the night, I'll actually have the other 4 sources I need.

=/ Not much to do other than homework. Sucks. Want to DO something! Dammit.


I need to check Myles' schedule sometime to see when he has classes and stuff. Or just get his screen name so that I can talk to him on AIM and ask him if he's busy. *cough hint cough MYLES*
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Why is there nothing to do and nobody to talk to?


All I really have that I can do is homework. This blows.

I should start reading something.. -sigh- [though that involves finding a library, and I seem to be having trouble finding a library that has books that I care about. ya know, like, a normal library]

WHY ARE YOU ALL NOT HERE WHEN I WANT YOU TO BE?! Jeez; you're supposed to conform your lives to my whims!

>.> <.< >.>


So uhh.. anyone wanna do anything? >.>


I seriously need to find something to do here other than homework during the week. This blows. =/

edit: [22:00] JimBob4554: -cough-
[22:00] JimBob4554: well, actually.. -sneeze-
[22:00] JimBob4554: darnit
[22:00] JimBob4554: i sneeze a lot around here for some reason
[22:00] JimBob4554: i think i'm allergic to UVA

I hate you LJ.

[22:03] JimBob4554: its sad; either the computer or lj is really messed up; i cant get to my new posts unless i go to the friends page of a friend and find my post
[22:03] JimBob4554: rofl
[22:03] JimBob4554: AHH
[22:03] JimBob4554: AND I STILL CANT EDIT IT!
[22:03] FiresEye528: wow
[22:03] JimBob4554: i can see it on other people's pages though
[22:03] JimBob4554: I HATE YOU LJ!

I thought this deserved its own post.