September 13th, 2004


Aww crap.

So for my engineering thing, I was also supposed to do 50-200 word abstracts on 3 of the articles. Sure, it wouldn't be too hard to do them now.. but I really don't care. This whole part is out of 3 points; I'm not sure if that's a lot or not, but I'm thinking not as much as it might be. :P So I'm just gonna turn in my 5 out of 6 sources and be like, "Whoops, didn't read that part!"


[edit: Okay, so the paper done with a partner ends up being 5 points.. I'm thinking these may be of the final grade. So, if I get 1/3 or 0/3 points for part A, I still have a 97 or 98 for the class to work from. >.>;;;]

Yeah, I was telling Mom on the way up how I'm picking and choosing what homework I'm doing, and it's funny, cuz the standards are so much lower for me than they were for my brother, cuz it's like:
Me: I'm not gonna do my homework.
Mom: WELL AT LEAST YOU'RE NOT DROPPING OUT!!!!11eleventyone1 (And you're honest.)

:D lol.

Yeah, off to eat hot-pocket rip-off and turn my "sources" into source cards. -shrug-

I got a lotta stuff to do this week. *sigh* But we'll see how that goes.

edit [3:18 pm]: So yeah, walking out of CS, the guy in front of me comes to a door that has "PUSH" engraved on the metal above the handle. He pulls a bit, says, "I guess it doesn't work," or something to that effect, and moves toward another door. I push it open and walk out. He's like, "Oh, you push. Guess that's why it says, 'PUSH,' right there."

It's fun having random pictures in the slideshow lecture for CS.. last slide today was titled, "When you're having a bad day..." and had an image of a keyboard with a key that said, "fuck it." That's fun. :D

"The first lab sessino for the 101 kids - I'm sorry; the 101 students - is ..." XP

moredit: Oh, and the homework that was due this Friday may actually end up being postponed a week because of the 101 students.. and there may not be a lab this week. XP

If only classes where I didn't want to do the work would do this.. >_< [ie. all my other classes]

"I want to break free"

So sue me; I like that commercial.

I'm sitting here looking at the pasta stuff that Raleigh's mom gave me, and it looks really good - the only thing is, it's hard to deal with boiling water and cooking pasta and stuff with a microwave and the little heating thingie that Mums gave me for making tea. =/ I'll figure it out eventually, though, cuz this stuff looks good, and it'd be a welcome relief from doing work.

I should probably go eat sometime. *sighs* I don't like eating. (I'm not anorexic, dammit; I still eat, just that most of the time, it's a necessity thing, not a desire. Sometimes, I like eating.)

UVA mail is just a load of spam from people who think I want to know things that I don't. And occasionally something important from a professor. x_x I came back to 28 messages from this weekend. *sighs* Like I really care! Grah. Why do we have to use UVA mail? Why can't we have important stuff send directly to our real email addresses?

Anyway, onward to random stuff:

Got a headache again. *sighs* Really need to drink more water. That's probably not the only part of it, but I'm sure it doesn't help that I don't drink much. =/

"small writing assignments - like this one" This one is 10 pages!! @.@ Small?! dammit. >.< I'm going to die. xP Man, I'm afraid to see what a medium one is.. or a large one! "Have 60 pages written." "For when?" "Hmm.. well, I don't want to push you too hard - how's Friday for everyone?" "x_x"

"How many of you are finding the research interesting?"
"... -one person raises their hand-"
"Okay. And how many of you are finding the research completely, mind-numbingly tedious and boring?"
"*raises hand, along with a whole heck of a lot of the rest of the class*"

He says to switch questions to something more exciting, but it's the research that I find tedious and boring; I hate doing research, and I hate writing papers (unless I can write something fun - not necessarily about something fun; it's just the style of writing). Though, I am going to switch topics, from how to make money developing new software, to the problem-solving process through new programming and whatnot.

"I have 2 jobs and 4 kids and teach in 3 different places. But I have no dogs." XP Busy busy.

"Have some coffee before you come to class."

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edit: Yeah, the corn here isn't as good as at the place where Trin works. And the vegetable lo mein would probably be better warmer, but .. it doesn't seem like it'd improve all that much. x_x

I had breakfast with Mummy today. :D

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I.. can't.. seem to.. start.. my.. homework.


edit: joeman> Rosa Parks is my idol.
joeman> I, too, refuse to get up out of my seat.

moredit: Ya know, I don't really have anything to do. Like, other than work.

I'm prolly just gonna go to bed. (I did my calc. And when I say, "I did my calc," I mean that I glanced at my notes from Wednesday.)