September 10th, 2004


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"I wonder if I'm going to be raped while I'm standing out here at almost midnight.

...I've never been raped before...

Pat would SO kill me!"





The homework that I did for CS is due NEXT Friday by 9 AM. ....oops.


Well damn.
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Scariest noise ever.

I'm having a dream, and the two characters the scene's dealing with are both off-screen, and a truck outside makes two BANGs that sound like gunshots. Holy shit, my mouth was open and just stayed open.

Thanks, Sparks.

Okay, so now I have a planned approach to the calc test. Anything I don't know how to do, I'll either do with parts or with log. differentiation. (I'd have spelled it out fully, but I don't know how to spell that and don't want to look it up. x_x)

So yeah, hopefully the teacher (or TA, whoever grades it) will realize that my answer is right even though it's not in the same form. (Yeah, I spent a long time one day last year with Coach Kreisa looking at the answers gotten through normal means and log. diff. - they look completely different, but the actual graph turns out to be the same - meaning that they're equivalent and could be gotten to the same form.. it would just take a crapload of effort. :P)

So yeah. *breathes* I'm so screwed! :D

Please let it be an easy work problem. Pleeeeeeeeease. The bucket thing would be nice. (Thanks again, Sparks. :)) Or an easy shape that I don't have to move stuff around for. *sighs*

Stupid calc! (Well, stupid prof!)
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The night.

Glory Days was lots of fun; I'm looking forward to a good weekend (and a horrible Monday). :)

Thanks for a fun night, peeps.

I'ma be up early tomorrow to have breakfast with the fam. before they head off to NY for the weekend.
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