September 6th, 2004


Sitting in the computer lab, waiting for English to start.

I was talking to Sparks earlier today, and she was asking for a good secret pal gift. Since she's not using my (awesome) idea, I thought I'd share it - a bag of balloons and a package of safety pins. That's $2+tax, and is a great gift. :D

It was raining lightly this morning (it was raining a lot more heavily before I started walking around), so I was walking around with my umbrella (you all remember that) and was getting lots of looks - some weird, but a lot of people were smiling. It cheered me up a little. :) It was hard to keep from grinning.

My calc teacher is using substitution for problems like dx/xlnx ... I did it the way Kreisa taught it and, again, got the right answer a different (and in my opinion, easier) way. :D

CS quotes:

"In your ships, you have a float method - or a sink method." XP Talking about organization.

Prof: "What do you think the price is?"
Student: "It's on the bottom."
Prof: "Oh damn! I thought I blocked that out."

Talking about an old '89 computer. He blocked out the big price but not the little one on the bottom right of the ad. :D

So yeah. Lots of stuff to do, but only have 1 chapter instead of 3 for this week for chem (though that's actually 2 1/2 cuz I didn't do half of last week's chapters :P). Trying to keep up with everything - calc is difficult with the work problems, but I'm going to go tonight and get some help with those. The rest, I've pretty much got, I think. Just need to remember not to do some stupid stuff from last year (like putting that 1/y is the derivative of lny.. sicne it's (1/y)y' :P).



Con imagines domo mi miedo, cruzo los abismos que tengo por dentro. Con palabras me hago piedra, pájaro, puente de serpientes arrastrando a ras del suelo todo lo que soy, todo lo que algún de sere. ~Gloria Anzaldúa

Class running over again.

"The major question you're going to be faced with next semester - what is your major going to be?"

Haha, get it? Major, major.. ...yeah.

My STS (English) professor marks down stuff to judge participation for the part. grade later - questions (Q), answers (A), contributions (C), and really good contributions (*). I asked if they were gold stars, and he said, "No gold stars - no gold ink." ...I think I'm gonna get him a gold gel pen or something, cuz I wants me some gold stars! :D :P

There was a goth girl with purple hair while I was getting dinner. Pretty color hair.

...Yeah, health is definitely not the major concern for the food department at UVA. The main part of my dinner consisted of nachos. :P

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Math help.

So yeah, the TA knew nothing, but I got a bit of help from other students - enough to get me started, at least. Gonna talk to Sparks to get a bit more help with one problem, and then I'll ask a question in class tomorrow to try to get the rest.

edit: I was helping others out with stuff I knew (which is everything but work, dammit; I can't believe I forgot work! >_<). I love Kreisa - this stuff is all review thus far because I had such a good calc class. (Too bad I forgot work, though. ::struggle struggle::)

moredit: [20:54:21] JimBob4554: lemme check answer, hold on
[20:54:24] JimBob4554: *moves food off book*
[20:54:30] JimBob4554: i feel like im in college now

Man, doing this stuff Kreisa way is so much easier, but so not the way the teacher or book do it. (Not that I understand the teacher or book, so this is better, but yeah. I wish I had gone through Calc II with Kreisa. >_<)

[20:56:49] JimBob4554: but im slowly getting the hang of them again
[20:56:53] JimBob4554: with lots of help and perserverence
[20:56:58] JimBob4554: im not used to trying this hard

[20:57:06] JimBob4554: i normally just give up

Oh, and Thanks, Sparks! You were right!
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"And.. I just forget. I really have a bad memory, and I really have trouble with common sense and connecting things and picking things up. It makes it tough to interact and learn. (I care more about the interaction than the learning; I hate not understanding when people say stuff and having to have them explain it 20 different times - a lot of the time, they don't explain enough, or at all, and I'm left not knowing, and I hate it.)"


Life is about to go quickly downhill now that school is starting up back in Richmond. I won't have anyone to call and talk to to keep my spirits from dropping. Dammit!

edit: According to Aaron (and, we're supposed to get heavy rain and wind on Wednesday.

Hope it knocks some buildings down. x_x (I know; too much to hope for.) Maybe it'll be dangerous though! :D

moredit: So yeah, my mission to stop biting my nails is failing miserably. I'm doing better than I was, but still, this sucks. >_<

And my arm itches for no discernable reason. That's annoying. It won't stop itching.