September 2nd, 2004



I hate you, Jeff. I really do. I don't want to think about that. I was just about to go to bed, too, when I read that. Now I'm going to go to bed and dwell on it.
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Hey, Myles.

Dammit, why is there no DDR around here? DDR would be a great way to meet people. Dammit.

Hey Myles, are you ever free/want to hang out? -shrug- I have no suggestions for anything to do, but yeah.

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I have a lot of work to do tomorrow, and a lot of my time is going to be spent in an election thing that I don't care about for the dorm, and some more spent in a meeting with the RA catching up on regulations that I missed.

I wonder how mad people would be if I brought other stuff to do and just ignored the election crap.

Quick Update:

Two nights ago, went to a casino night that was tons of fun. Went from 25000 start to 395000 finish and got lots of neat little toy thingies that I'm going to bring back with me, so if any of you want some cool stuff, gimme a call this weekend: 502-5374 cell or 747-4424 home.

Classes are.. a mix. The classes that I like, I don't have much work in, and I have fun professors. The classes that I don't like are assigning me a crapload of work, a lot of which I'm going to have to do today and over the weekend. Dammit. -shrug- Gotta get used to it, I guess, and gotta start setting up a lot of time to do it.

ENGR is actually looking to be pretty fun - the prof is cool. Met a guy named Russell through an activity that we did; cool guy. -shrug-

Yeah. Coming home tomorrow evening - gonna go watch Godwin band do the semi-performance. :)

edit: And yeah, for STS, we had to write for 10 minutes answering the question, "Why are you here?" I started out telling the story of Mom and Dad meeting, then went on to talk about their beautiful and brilliant children (the younger of which is more beautiful and more brilliant) and stuff, and I emailed it to myself.. but it didn't work, so you don't get to read it.

The problem with that, though, is that I emailed the same thing to the teacher - because we were supposed to. First assignment. So now I need to email him and be all, "WTF? It didn't work. How do I get credit?"

Off the Psi-Phi mailing list:

"Second, Terry Pratchett will be at the Borders bookstore at Bailey's
Crossroads in northern Virginia at 7:30pm on Saturday, September 10.
Anyone who would like to go should email Judy at

Third, a number of authors including Neil Gaiman and Connie Willis
will be in DC on October 9, which is the beginning of the fall Reading
Holiday. More details about a trip up to DC to see them will follow
as it gets closer to October."

"Seventh, Judy mentioned trying to organize a trip to ShivaCon, a
science fiction and fantasy convention down in Roanoke that UVa's SCA
(Society for Creative Anachronism) already goes to every year. So, we
might make it a joint activity with them - Judy will provide more info
as the semester goes on."

"Finally, after watching "The Matrix" tonight in a classroom in Olsson
Hall, we resumed the Psi Phi tradition of hanging around and chatting
for a long time after the meeting. Along the way, I realized that a
considerable number of the newcomers to Psi Phi (as well as the
old-timers) have accounts on, and hence I created a
psi_phi community there. We may not end up using it for anything, but
if the LJers in Psi Phi would like somewhere to geek out and discuss
the week's movie or other plans, now we've got a place to do it. The
URL for the community is

and if you're an LJ user, you can join it by going to"


"Lithium salts have been shown to be very effective in controlling the effects of manic depressive disease, and you've probably at some time in your life felt a special 'chemistry' for another person. Studies suggest there is literally chemistry going on between two people who are attracted to each other. 'Falling in love' apparently causes changes in the chemistry of the brain; chemicals are produced that give that 'high' associated with a new relationship. Unfortunately, chese chemical effects seem to wear off over time, even if the relationship persists and grows."

edit: I'd post the "What did you drink last night?" thing, but I'm having a heck of a time getting the right person to show up. ;)


So yeah, I didn't know this (and always wondered), but Stonehenge was used to figure out equinoxes.

I wish I could talk to Einstein. But moreso, I wish I were back home. Guess I'll be there tomorrow.

So much work I have to do tonight, and this weekend (and for the rest of college, I guess, but at least later, it'll be programming and calc+ stuff that I want to do).

Stupid elections that I don't give a *bleep* are about to start; gotta get there and vote. -sigh-

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Yeah, I don't think I mentioned this, but UVA only hands out a limited number of comp sci degrees every year, so I might not get one at the end of my three years here. So I'll either take classes for the prereqs for a masters degree, or I'll go ahead and take that time to go to England or Spain or travel around while waiting for the next year to see if I get my degree then. :)

-shruggity- You're all free to come with if that ends up happening. XD

edit: Or, I might find a job and work for a while.. if I have somewhere specific to go, I'll get an apartment and a job wherever that happens to be.. o:-)


Apparently, October 11 is a student holiday in Henrico! So, while I don't get to see Coach Kreisa and Ms. Matthews, I do get to spend time with my friends (hopefully)! :)

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There are lots of helpful people at UVA. It's nice.

ROTC won't be doing target practice - too many regulations after 9/11 to make it worth the hassle. They go to a fort either over the summer or sometime during the year, not sure which, for their target practice.

In ROTC class today, we went around and did an ice breaker - the question was, "What is your favorite type of cheese?" :D:D

"The army has AFEs - acronyms for everything."

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Reading notes.

... Yes, I'm actually taking reading notes (and trying to keep them legible). Surprising, isn't it? Well, I don't want to have to re-read the entire book to get ready for tests and the exam; this way, I should have everything I think is important written down (and I can augment them from classroom lectures).

Yow. I hope I can keep this up, cuz this is a good habit to be in. But more time-consuming. But better.

... *dies* So much work.
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