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01:12am 10/08/2004
  Welcome, Cary. :)  
01:35am 10/08/2004
  Post an anonymous comment stating if you've ever had a crush on me, or if you do now. If you haven't and you don't, just comment with something random to say.  
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01:36am 10/08/2004
  fuck lost the spider. and I was like halfway through tacking the plate, too.  
02:21am 10/08/2004
  Im87little (2:20:29 AM): someone else is BOUND to be up right now...
Im87little (2:20:33 AM): lol
JimBob4554 (2:20:34 AM): ...
JimBob4554 (2:20:36 AM): gee, thanks.
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03:11am 10/08/2004
  Wow, things fall for a really long time in my bathroom. Shouldn't last that long.

...the stuff fell off the wall of my shower again. Dammit.
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That may have been the first funeral procession I've seen in Richmond.   
02:56pm 10/08/2004
  If anyone wants to do something today, please, for god's sake, call me! Anytime before 3 AM, please, please, pleeeeeeease, call me! grah *dies*  
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Sparks -   
03:00pm 10/08/2004
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03:52pm 10/08/2004
  Out of band and into ROTC. :)

I couldn't do it myself cuz I'm a first-year. They had to do it for me. But now I'm set. :)
04:24pm 10/08/2004
mood: frustrated/sad
I still can't get Republic Online to load on this computer..


*gets the laptop*
05:58pm 10/08/2004
  I made 10 bucks by staying home. I feel bad about that. But I'm taking it anyway. :P  
11:36pm 10/08/2004
mood: good
Fun at Ally's with her and Derek and a warm welcome back to RO. Life is good.
11:50pm 10/08/2004
mood: pimpin'
I've got food on my lap (on a plate), I'm on this computer chatting, and I'm on the laptop on RO. Rock.