July 30th, 2004


K, I'm back.

Afton and I got a good chunk of work done on a jigsaw puzzle, but I'm ADD, so at the end, I was just sifting through pieces without getting anything done (and while watching Cartoon Network), so I came back.

Gotta get some sleep cuz I'm getting up early tomorrow to have lunch with Mom.

Night all!

Old questions from fridayfiver

1. Do you own a wristwatch? Describe. It's a digital watch from Dakota, black with grey around it and black band.

2. How old were in you 1997? 11 for most of it.

3. Which is more important – financial success or personal happiness? Money can't buy happiness. But happiness can't buy money either. Financial success - though my definition of success.

4. Can you whistle? Yes, but not well.

5. Do you believe in the supernatural? Not particularly.