July 27th, 2004


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What do your LJ friends say about you?
LJ Username
Favorite Color:
Favorite Scent:
Says you are sweet: a_darker_shade
Thinks you are mean: fajiashura
Wants to get to know you better: goddessleila
Wishes to kiss you: fakerainbowz
Has nightmares about you: tenshirei
Secretly desires to have sex with you: vabob
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For some reason, I'm doubting a few of these..

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The Bourne Supremacy was really good. And Matt Damon is really good with accents!

I now have 6 tickets for The Village at 7:45 on Friday, 4 of which are waiting to be claimed.


Tomorrow is my parents' anniversary, and I don't have anything for them. (I knew it was, but it didn't occur to me until like an hour ago that "hey, I should probably have gotten them something!") So, if any of you have good suggestions for something for me to get tomorrow for them, that'd be spiffy. :P