July 23rd, 2004


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Anime outtakes.. are.. hilarious! And I was raped by Scout, but he's cute, so it's okay. It was fun. :P

Bastard is cool, as is Kenshin (the movie).

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Comedy Alley was good; throat's sore. Early start tomorrow - gotta do all my stuff and get some gas into my car before getting down to UVA for precamp for Guard. Then coming back and going to poker at Bobby's at 8.
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Game in the middle of Nekocon weekend. Guess I'm not going to Nekocon this year.

And I can't really skip games like I did during Guard season at Godwin - this one's for a grade. ;) In college. x_x

edit: However, good news to everyone else - Nekocon's only like half an hour away this time. Chesapeake. Weird. Why isn't it in Virginia Beach?



Poker tomorrow night for anyone that wants to play.

Oh yeah, the game on Sunday won't run past 4:30. That message is for a select few. And Snack will be leaving around 4, I'm to understand, so we'll probably wrap it up around then. (I've gotta get home to go out with my parents to celebrate their anniversary.)