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03:36am 19/07/2004
  K, I'm home. Since I probably won't talk to you tomorrow - have a safe trip and a wonderful time, Pat.  
W00t w00t!   
04:14pm 19/07/2004
  AP scores are in. I got a 5 on Calc and a 4 on English Lit. That's how I figured I'd do on both. :P

I get credit for both 4s I have and no credit for either 5. Craziness. :P
04:39pm 19/07/2004
mood: annoyed
One of things I dislike the most about UVa is that they don't seem to think we can do anything on our own.
05:18pm 19/07/2004
  Spend your lazy, endless, crazy
days inside my head.

If I fall down, would you come around,
and pick me right up off the ground?

edit: Blessid Union of Souls - Peace and LoveCollapse )
06:12pm 19/07/2004
  If anyone knows where I can get some cool blue body glitter, that would be sweet. I can add it to my Otakon costume.

...wow, Sparks, I'm doing the same thing you are and I just didn't realize it.
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10:26pm 19/07/2004
  Was I giving anyone a ride to Otakon?  
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