July 16th, 2004


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Your LJ RPG Team
LJ Username
Favorite Color
Weapon of Choice
Your Partner dreamster
Your Warrior dreamster
The Giggly, Flirtatious Magic User with Big Breasts amaya_no_yume
The Talking Animal tatsuhamm
Main Archenemy macoto
Evil Incarnate a_darker_shade
This cool quiz by ass_ - Taken 12537 Times.
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So how ya doin', Andrea? :P

Meet Your Inner Vampire by efui
Your name :
Age :46
Weaknesses :You're blind in the sunlight and hate garlic.
Special powers :You can turn invisible.
Place of residence :A graveyard full of old trees, stone steps and shadows.
Feeding habits :You love playing with your victims, haunting them, scaring them, making them scream in terror.
Appearance :Very long dark brown hair usually in a braid, narrow eyes, always smiling.
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Kinda fits, too. ;P

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...delicious
Your hugs are...to die for
Your eyes...sparkle like the stars
Your touch is...irresistable
Your smell is...amazing
Your smile is...entrancing
Your love is...unique
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Anyone care to comment? I don't know if any of this is accurate. ;)

"There isn't any pleasing some people. The trick is to stop trying."

Well, assuming all the assumptions I've made are correct, I won't actually have to deal with someone I didn't want to deal with. That makes things look a little brighter. :)

You Smiled, by Walter Savage Landor

You smiled, you spoke, and I believed,
With every word and smile, deceived.

Another man would hope no more,
Nor hope I what I hoped before.

But let this last wish not be vain;
Deceive, deceive me once again!

Holy crap I'm gonna be on ESPN! @.@

The October 7 game vs. Clemson is gonna be on ESPN! x_x *dies*

Luckily, that's a Thursday.. which is weird, since like all the rest are Saturdays. But that's very good, cuz that means I can go to celebrate Mum's birthday! :)


Meet at Godwin (front lot) at 8 AM tomorrow morning if you're going to the beach!

These are the people that have told me they're going, so if you're going and you haven't told me, you might not have a spot.


If you're planning on coming and have a chance, give me a call. (Those on the list above exempt.)

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YOU'RE Harlequinn Goldman! He is the yin to Mik's
yang. Or something. Harley is 19: outgoing, a
bit shy at times, a lot vulgar mostly, and much
smarter than he looks: graduated salutatorian.
Surprise. He was named after his mum's favorite
romance novel (thanks, Mrs. G), and is addicted
to videogames and fender strats. He's both
vocals and lead guitar in a punk band, and his
musical taste goes from punk to death metal.
Very uke, but adorably so.

**Which Boy Meets Boy Character are you most like?**
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