July 14th, 2004


Forgot to mention it, but..

..my student ID looks sweet. As in, the picture of me is good. :D

I'm going to go double-check my schedule to make sure I can't fit ROTC in. I'd like to do it this semester. (Which would put me at 23 credits, I think, which is way above the usual 15 credit semester. Would have to have Lt. Hite talk to the people to let me into it on top of everything else, I think.)

edit: If the classes are the ones I thought they'll be, then they'll fit into my schedule fine (and Lt. Hite said that I can leave ROTC early to get to band - ROTC is third in priority, behind E school and band (though it becomes more important third year, but I'm not going to be there beyond first)). I'm going to die. :D First semester is going to kill me.

The actual classes I'm taking (not schedule, cuz I'm lazy; ask later if you want to see it, or I might post it later):

Chem 151 - will suck. a lot. might give me trouble.
Chem 151 Lab - 3 and a half hours of chemistry torture. *dies*
APMA 111 (Calc II) - will be a breeze.
CS 101 - Will be a breeze.
STS 101 (English/Communications course) - Ugh. Might be a slight problem.
Band - Shouldn't be too bad.. though it'll kill me, I think. If I drop anything, this is first to go. XP lol. (I hope I won't have to drop anything.)
ENGR 162 (Engineering Design Workshop) - Uhm.. I have no clue. Hopefully won't be a problem.
ENGR 162 Lab - Uhh.. see above?
[ROTC - Shouldn't be too bad, unless it kills me. :P]


If I'm going to get an ROTC scholarship first year, I need to be able to do 45 pushups, 55 situps, and run 2 miles in 16 minutes.

... must .. train ...

... no .. way .. I'm .. going .. to .. make .. this ...