July 13th, 2004


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So much for freedom of choice in college.

But when you lose the war, it's the little victories that mean a lot. I have my prize of CS101 (sad, isn't it? CS101 is my prize..), and I'm not taking ROTC. Will have to email Lt. Hite and see if I can take it next semester...

My schedule's completely different from the one below; I've switched it twice since that one. By necessity. ;_j I now have 21 credit hours for next semester (at which point they go "NOOOOES! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THAT!" and I'm like "Sure I can" and they're like "Well, okay, but if you feel pressured, come back and drop Chemistry" and I'm like "Okay :D"), which should be hell. :P

Though I don't get to play with Legos anymore. ;_j But, from what I'm inferring from the sheet, that also means I don't have a semester-long design project, which is cool, cuz then I don't have to be afeared of a whole heck of a lot more work right toward the semester end. ;) (I'm a slacker; so sue me. :P)

I'm going to check out right at 2 o'clock and get the hell out of this god-forsaken place. But until then, I'm gonna hike over to Newcomb, where they're serving lunch from 11:30 to 1:30, and get fat. :D I should be home by 3:30, if I don't hit any problems, but I'm gonna shower and eat and then go do stuff; but if you need/want me, call the cell. :P

edit: AP Stuff

Calc and Stats don't count for anything. (If I had taken BC and done well, I could have skipped ahead, but as it stands, my calc counts for nothing.) AP US History and AP English Lit. give me 3 humanities classes (11 credits), which make the three humanities classes I have to take in my four years in the E-school. Physics wouldn't have counted for anything unless it was Physics C, so my walking out didn't affect anything, and Government would have just given me unnecessary humanities credits, so not taking that didn't affect anything either.
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More stuff.

UVA doesn't have any web development classes at all; I can't take a class in HTML or something else. I might take one over the summer back home.

However, if I keep up with these 21-credit semesters, and I plan carefully, I should be able to graduate in 3 years, if I stay at UVA.