July 11th, 2004



Forgot - orientation up at UVA tomorrow and the next day. (Thanks for the reminder, mums!) Need to check my email to see the info about it, and check on the site, and stuff.. >.>;; aldkfjalksdj can't believe I forgot.

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Dad's going to give me his laptop to use for college, so I don't have to buy my own (which is a very good idea, as then I can figure out what specs I need before buying a laptop for myself). [:D] Which means I have more money than I might otherwise have, so I went ahead and got the 40gb iPod. [:D] Though, they wouldn't give me financing, so I had to put it on my parents' credit card. [D:]

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I've got 6 tickets to I, Robot at 1:00 on Friday, two of which are reserved. If anyone wants to reserve one of the tickets, leave a message here. First come, first serve.
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I hate my imagination. It's overactive. Makes me imagine good things that I shouldn't expect.

It's going to be a long couple days, I think.

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