July 3rd, 2004


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Won $10; that should pay for my gas, maybe. ;)

Pat - comin' tomorrow? Well, today..

No way my room's gettin' finished. I'm just gonna get all the crap off the floor and do the rest next week. *sighs*

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*sighs* I swear, if people would just listen to me.. Darnit, my mind is made for problem-solving! Just listen, darnit!


[07/03, 22:35] DyslexicsUntie05: 'ello
[07/03, 22:35] *** Auto-response sent to DyslexicsUntie05: I'm lonely... :(
[07/03, 22:35] JimBob4554: Hey.
[07/03, 22:35] DyslexicsUntie05: Get a girlfriend
[07/03, 22:36] DyslexicsUntie05: lol
[07/03, 22:36] JimBob4554: If you were here, I'd hit you. Very hard.
[07/03, 22:36] JimBob4554: But thanks for the advice.
[07/03, 22:36] JimBob4554: I'll keep it in mind.