July 2nd, 2004


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anime chick
You are a human shadow. If a loved one needs you,
you are always right at his or her heels! Your
deep social connection with human beings
produces your qualities of genuine caring and
charisma. However, at times you are naive to
the true nature of your loved ones. Remember
that humans' gift of free will does not always
lead them in wise directions. But your essence
of love and friendship represent the other
precious gifts of humanity. Overall you are a
strikingly valuable and innocent being who has
a lot to give.(please rate my quiz cuz it took
me for freaking ever to create)

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Going through all my old stuff, sorting what I'm keeping and what I'm not.. All these memories.. =/ No one to share them with.

I'd love to just sit in my closet with someone and recount the stories behind each of these things..

I want out of here
There's got to be
Some place
For the dream in me

The music stares at me
So cold and sequential
Keeping time with the perfect sounds
Of my heart beating
Slow it down
Twist it around
And slam me on my back
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My paragraph on the back of a vocab quiz from last year, in response to the quotation, "If life gives you lemons; make lemonade!" [Note that I had to use ten+ vocab words, so that's why it's full of random words. :P]

I find this quote to be extremely inane, and the fact that is has become a platitude offends me deeply. To try to force people to go through the arduous and rigorous task of turning a perfectly good lemon into lemonade for no good reason is pointless. The author of this quote must have had some ulterior, sadistic motive when he crafted this wily quote. Though it may seem oracular, all this quote is trying to do is to make people put forth extra effort to turn such a grandoise thing as a lemon, with limitless, enthralling possibilities, into the very limited lemonade. What can you do with lemonade? Drink it. But there is a deluge of possibilities for an unruined lemon! Do not give in to the allure of this quote; just say, "No!" (brusquely ;-)
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Hey Sparks - I found my free response section from last year's Stats AP, if you wanna see it and compare to this year's. :P


I still have pages of locker combinations for Godwin.. >) They work on a 5-year circle - each lock has 5 combinations - and I have all of them for some sets of the lockers.. >)

Guess I should probably shred these before throwing them out. ;_; *goes to do so*

Poetry from an assignment last year. [Original.]

cutCollapse )

Didn't say it was any good. *shrug*

edit: We had another assignment, but the forms for the poems were set. We also had to put a picture with each poem. This is my favorite one of the five I wrote:


us together

[Insert picture of a "1-800-CallATT" ad.]

XP I just loved using that image and writing a poem.. XP


Gonna go play poker with Bobby. *Sighs* Can't fucking afford to lose the money.. or the time.. but at least it's getting me out of the house.

So freaking tilted... >_< *sighs*

*shrug* What's money anyway? What's anything.


Guess I'll be up late finishing my room. Dammit. If I don't finish, I'm going to be displeased.