June 28th, 2004



I, personally, am not going to be planning anything for this week. However, if you want me to do something (that doesn't invovle being at my house), please, do tell. :)

I have work Wednesday night, a party Thursday 3 to 8, and will have family over this weekend. I think they'll be coming late Friday at the earliest and leaving afternoon Monday at the latest, so I should still be able to do stuff Friday and Monday, as long.

edit: Oh, and I finally ordered the Bothered!! shirt from bohica! :) Been looking at that thing for 2 years now. And they've finally signed a record deal and will be releasing their debut album on September 30!! HARDCORE ROCKIN' IT, WINGEE!! GOOD JOB!!

[I've been following this band since I was like 13 or 14.]


Stern Warning on Sex With Minors (The Washington Post)
By Chris L. Jenkins, Page A01, June 15, 2004
RICHMOND, June 14 -- The blunt message will be pasted on billboards and barroom coasters across Virginia: "Isn't she a little young?" it will ask in...

Don't feel like signing up to read the whole article.


So, apparently, canned tea is pretty darn bad for your teeth. Back to water and milk for me. ;_;

Headin' down to VCC; should be back by 10, unless we go out to eat or something.



So anyway, I got to VCC about 40 minutes before everyone else. I walk into the arcade to see if anyone was there yet (though I didn't think they would be; I had planned to go to Hot Topic and wait, but I figured I'd just swing in to take a look-see), and I see someone that resembles Rebecca playing DDR. I walk closer and, surely enough, it was! That was cool. :) Though apparently her mom now thinks I'm a stalker, which is not so cool.

While I was bouncing around behind the DDR machine (as I had no money at that point in time), a woman from Pennsylvania who seemingly either works in or owns a dance studio walks up to me and tells me I should dance. :D I was like, "Yeah, I want to, but .. ya know, what with the money and the laziness and all.." She tells me that it's never too late to start and that they have 16-year-olds come in often, and I'm like, "I'm 18." She's like, "Oh.. well, 18 is as old as we let into our studio." :P The whole point of that - I should learn to dance and apparently I look 16.

It ended up being me, Bobby, Laurel, Tatsu, Myles, and (intermittently) Rebecca. Tons of fun. :)

edit: Rod Serling, the creator of The Twilight Zone, died this day in 1975. ;_;