June 9th, 2004


Posting from Afton's.

We went to see Harry Potter, which was good the second time around too; fun talking. Then we went to Walmart and got:

  • Loony Toons hot chocolate (with character marshmellows!) [me]
  • White Chocolate hot chocolate [me]
  • Hot Chocolate (with extra marshmellows) [Afton]
  • Bacon Cheeseburger pizza (which is being heated up now)
  • Rainbow Sherbert (dessert!)
  • Embroidery floss for making bracelets and stuff [Afton, though I get one of them!]
  • Earwires [Afton]
  • 6-pack of small waterguns for summer fun >D [Me, though Afton gets one, or more if she wants]
  • Couple cool things for a friend o' mine.


    Realization as I was driving: Slater has effectively built up my life here. He's gotten me all my friends. I met him in 8th grade, and he made me a lot of my original and band friends.. then I joined Chorus and Guard.. both of which I joined because of Slater. Wow.. that's an odd realization. One person has shaped almost my entire life in Richmond.
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    The pizza's defective!

    I'm getting up in four hours.. lol.

    Jeff - Friday is the DDR thing that I was talking about in an earlier entry today (yesterday).

    Observations from Harry Potter:

  • The conductor guy on the bus in the beginning reminds me of Snack.
  • Not my observation, but Draco looks like Chuck (hair, mostly).
  • We figured out why this movie is darker than the other two - this one is the first with the new Dumbledore.

    I need to get my yearbook back from Jess, cuz I really wanna get all the seniors to sign it.. and she still hasn't signed it. ;_; Oh well.. I'll see what I can do. But I want senior signatures! (Not that it'll ultimately matter, but still. It's one of those things.)
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    Graduation Day.

    Got up waaaaaay too early to go to practice. x_x Nordin dropped at practice.. and Erin is officially "the crack."

    On the way to practice, I heard Rita say that Jess is going to be the best undercaptain we've ever had.

    Then went out to Chipotle with Elizabeth, Derek, Slater, and David. Love that place.. almost finished a whole burrito. (Gods those things are huge!) And yay for listening to classical music and to everyone in the car discussing classical music. Made me very relaxed and sedate .. and consequentially, I drove below the speed limit a lot.

    Then played DDR with Derek, that was fun. Then off to graduation, which was cool. Nothing horribly memorable, though hearing Jess scream out my name was definitely nice and made me happy. :)

    Didn't get to see Jess after, which was bad.

    While walking to the cars, Alex asked if I was going home with parents and Grams or with him. After a slight pause, I chose to go with him. :P While driving back, I mentioned that I was kinda hungry (I was starving), so he said he'd take me out to dinner, on him. That was cool. :D We went to Extra Billy's because he asked what I wanted and I said a barbeque sandwich.

    And now I'm home. Don't have my finals DVD (which reminds me, need to call Allison), but get to go watch hers (of finals; mine's of prelims) tomorrow. :)
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    Oh yeah.

    And I came home and told my parents and my grandmother not to drink toasts for me. That's slightly insulting to myself and my dreams. =/ I leave them alone about it normally, but I hate it when people say they're drinking for me. If you're doing something for me, in honor of me, or for/in honor of my dreams/future/prosperity/whatever, then how about you take a day and don't drink for me? Because that would actually mean something to me. Saying you're drinking for me just makes me feel dirty.

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