May 23rd, 2004



So, I picked up Pat and we went to Sushi Bay. I had a shrimp teriyaki bento box; good stuff. She was having trouble walking, so after laughing for a while, I took the hunting dagger out of my trunk and cut the slit in her dress to be a bit longer. (Knew that thing would come in useful sometime!) Then we went to Prom.

Prom was not what I expected. It was beautiful, but not many slow songs. Not at all what I think Prom should be - I think it should be stately and slow, not.. what it was. We stayed for about an hour and a half before ditching to go to Kath's party, where I did lots of shirtless DDR and then spent a while molesting all my friends.

Then we went to the after prom party, which was pretty cool. Wish they had poker instead of just blackjack, but I had fun spending most of my time in the karaoke room listening to Steven (and Derek and I sang one song). I also hung out at the tattoo place a lot; I got three. A tiger on my left cheek, a heart with "Love" on it on my right, and a heart on my chest. I had the top two buttons of my chorus shirt undone and the heart's right at the bottom of the opening; very sexy. XP

And on the way out I grabbed a huge handful of gum, so now I have lots of gum strewn around the back of my car. And I'm dead tired, so I'm going to bed. I have work tomorrow at 4, and I'll have to scrub at least the tattoos on my cheeks off before I go.

Night all. Or rather, morning all. I'm going to bed.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.

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Whoo, haven't slept till 2:30 in a long time. Anyway, off to hang out with Jeff before going to work. And then back home to start searching, if I remember. >)