May 22nd, 2004


From what I hear.

You should wait three hours after a light meal or four hours after a heavy meal before going to bed. This helps avoid heartburn and encourages healthy weight maintenance.

And heartburn comes pretty young.

On another note, I just had a kickass breakfast. :) Bit of salad, bit of omelette, a waffle with strawberries on it (but alas, we had no whipped cream!), and raspberries. :)))) Happy panda.

Today looks like it's going to be ehh, but it started out well.

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Why am I so stupid? And so dependent. At this point in life, I should be able to function on my own, I'd think. And yet I pick someone and latch on. Still. I haven't changed; same problems as before, I have them now. So what am I supposed to do? I haven't been able to change, though I see what it does to myself and my relationships with other people. Kendall said, "Try harder." Not very useful advice.

So, what now? I'm back where I always am. Depressive, obsessive, stupid. Needy. Clingy. I hate myself. This is a main reason why I try to stick to reason and material goals; whenever any sort of emotion enters into anything, I lose anything that might make me at all valuable as a person. As I am right now, I'm worthless to everyone. And every time I feel better, I ignore what I think when I'm down. So it just perpetuates.

I seriously wish something would happen to distance me from everyone. Nobody (other than my family) would care for very long; people don't tend to. They might remember me from time to time, but it wouldn't be anything major.

Well, I.. don't really have anything else to say, I suppose. Umm.. have a good day, all.

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Saw Shrek 2 with Tatsu, Andrea, and Allison; good movie. Then ran into Jessica, Jess' dad, and Marissa, who were going in to see the same. That was good. :) Then sat and listened to music in Tatsu's car while being molested by Andrea.

Then I came home to find my Ignition 2.0 on my floor! :D:D:D!!! That.. will be much fun!

Going in less than an hour to pick up Pat. And decided to probably go to the After-Prom Party, because Tatsu's going to be there, so there'll be someone cool to hang out with. If I can find it. :D (Theoretically, could just follow the mass exodus of people out of Prom to the party.)
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