May 15th, 2004


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I don't think I'll be going to school on Monday. I can't really afford the day, but...

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I wish.. I carried a camera in my car. My car hit 94000 miles. :( No picture.

I have definitely grown disaccustomed to running on little sleep. Perhaps that'll change with college. ^^ Or perhaps I'll just not do homework like I'm not now to get sleep. Though, I need my grades for college.

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Apparently, one of my dad's colleagues at work has a plaque that has sushi on it and the words, "Find Nemo." XDDDDD

Dinner conversation:

Me: "See, I'm a perfect fit for this family."
Alex: "Yes, you are, even if you were adopted."


Mom: "Oh, Dad never told you."
Me: "Uhoh."
Alex/Me (same time): "You were adopted!"/"I was adopted!"

*bursts out laughing*
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