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12:45am 04/03/2004
  Ya know, the situation between Wickham and Lydia reminds me of Maggie, for some reason. Probably because that's mostly all that's been on my mind for the past couple days, but yeah.

I'm reluctant to take tomorrow's timed writing/test on Pride and Prejudice. It said on the site that we could have the book on our desks, which suggests that we might need to actually know about it.

Damn thoughts of food keep popping into my head. I will not break.

If I don't, this'll be a first. Then again, this is the only time it hasn't been pure whim.
08:45pm 04/03/2004
mood: aggravated
Why do I keep injuring myself? I wasn't even doing anything this time - I was just running, and *poof*! >_<

Anyway, I'm being raped by AP English, so go me. x_x I'm gonna die. Grah.

I have in front of me something from Cornell Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment. ::opens::


*grunt* How the fuck is it that I'm always missing something, no matter how thoroughly I kept track to make sure I had everything? Dammit. This is such a load of shit. [This is just for financial aid, not admission - but I can hardly afford to go to a top college without some money being handed to me.]

edit: On the plus side, Mummy got me a cool candy dispenser. :)
09:55pm 04/03/2004
mood: cheerful, clean-shaven
Just thought that, with all the unhappy posts I've made recently, you all might want to see one where I'm in a good mood. :)