February 22nd, 2004


Day in a (rather large) nutshell

As my computer was having trouble turning on last night, this is what I would have posted:

"We got a little turned around on the way up to the competition, but we did get to visit some interesting places. Right next to the Chinese Methodist Church on Backlick Road, we saw the following signs, in direct succession:


We thought those were rather humorous. Also, right outside the funeral home that was there was one of the pedestrian crossings signs.. ya know, the one with the guy in the middle of the road. I thought that was fitting that it was right next to a funeral home.

When we pulled up to Thomas Jefferson, Mrs. Deland (very awesome person; sad she won't be there this weekend to drive us to Raleigh) [Which reminds me, dalralmi - that competition is NOT on the list of competitions like you said it was - I knew that it wasn't, otherwise I would have taken it off of work. The Raleigh competition was scheduled for this weekend, not next.] was on the phone with Mr. Shouse as one of the security peoples came up to figure out who we are and what we needed to do.

Her, to Mr. Shouse: 'We have to figure out where we're going.'
Security person: 'Where are you going?'

Everyone in the car burst out laughing.

The actual competition turned out pretty darn well, in my opinion. I, personally, did a kickass job, relative to myself - remembered all the work (including the work that I learned about an hour before we went on), did all the work (didn't freeze or mess up), didn't drop anything, and wasn't nervous. As a Guard, we came in second in our division (out of 2), but we got a score of 62 when few people got above a 50 (making us like the fourth or sixth highest score), and the group that beat us only beat us by 6 points - and they'd had four competitions before this one, whereas we had had none. (At a competition, you get judges' tapes, which tell you what you need to improve.) So all in all, we're awesome. :D

At Thomas Jefferson, the host school, they get to choose their eighth period activity for Fridays - there's a 6-page list of choices, one of which is DDR. *jealous*

When we were starting back, Mrs. Deland opened the car, then promptly lost her keys. Much hilarity ensued (not really). We were looking for them for like 10 minutes before she found them. Then we stopped by 7-11 and I treated for Slurpees. MMMMM, SLURPIES..... ::augggggg::

Now, whose bright idea was it to start 2-hour drives at 11 at night? Seriously! x_x Glad our driver didn't fall asleep - to my knowledge, anyway; I was asleep most of the way back. And we get to go to Raleigh this coming weekend, which is an even longer drive. (Though, if I can't get out of work, I'm not going - but I should be able to get out of it with this much notice.)

I lost my glasses while I was sleeping - Kendall found them for me. There were some serious doubts as to whether or not I could get home without killing myself. :P

No gaming tomorrow [today, now] - sad panda. :'( [But I'm going to a movie now, so it's okay.. but I'd still much rather be gaming. But this will take up less time, so more time for homework.]

I wasted a lot of money today."

Ahh, there we go. That only took 23 minutes. :P
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So, I didn't actually get much done today. I went to the movies with people, then dropped them all off and spent three-and-a-half hours hanging out in Glory Days. *shrug*

And for some reason, I have a long scrape across my foot. Weird.