January 29th, 2004


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Chelsea, hun, there's no point in posting things that people need to reply to if you have it set up so that people can't reply.
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A) Alcohol is bad.
B) Eating is good.

I swear, if you come back from Germany fucked up, I'll blow up the whole country. So I'd suggest shaping up a bit.

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"note: pv-san, you can't possibly understand lonely. i haven't seen living souls outside my family since LAST FRIDAY. <.< i think i'm going crazy."

"B[and much more important]) You show that you don't understand loneliness if you can escape it by being with people. When loneliness pervades you no matter if you're a hundred miles away from every other person on the planet or if you're surrounded by every one of your closest friends, then you can start talking. Until then, don't tell me what I can and can't "possibly understand." I can understand quite a bit more than most people on this planet (fact, not arrogance), and I get VERY snappy when people tell me things they fail to understand about me. So I'd appreciate it if you didn't do that again. Kthx."

I get a little pissy sometimes. Which is bad, because I'm much less effective at bashing people when I'm angry than when I'm cool and calm.

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Just did my mid-year report thingie for guidance. ::flashing reminder for others to do the same::

They're technically due tomorrow, so if we have school, you'd best have them done. :P
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[01/29, 16:09] BluCandyChan: 2 hour delay on a Friday after we've missed all week?
[01/29, 16:10] JimBob4554: They're rat bastards. :P
[01/29, 16:14] JimBob4554: *sigh* I don't want to do my homework.
[01/29, 16:14] JimBob4554: *grumble grumble*
[01/29, 16:14] JimBob4554: *disregards the fact that he's had two weeks to do it*
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It's disconcerting to meet someone who thinks enough like you that they actually understand what you're saying right off the bat, even the obscure stuff that nobody else does. Kinda freaks me out. @.@ And I don't expect that from people my age (mostly because nobody I've ever met has had that ability); I certainly didn't expect to find it in someone a deal younger.
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[01/29, 20:07] MistressPyronide: hte "go away you freakish goth" look i call it
[01/29, 20:07] JimBob4554: GAYFG
[01/29, 20:07] JimBob4554: wow
[01/29, 20:07] JimBob4554: that acronym is interesting
[01/29, 20:07] MistressPyronide: HAHA
[01/29, 20:07] MistressPyronide: ya
[01/29, 20:07] MistressPyronide: it is
[01/29, 20:07] JimBob4554: It's the gay fag look! He's giving me the gay fag look!!

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If anyone remembers or has the cool rhyme from way back when, can you post it for me?

"I'll draw a pretty picture;
I'll draw it on my wrist"

Or somesuch. I'm looking for it, if you have it somewhere. Thx.

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Quizzes? I'm not fucked in the head!Collapse )

Any of these seem to clash a little? >.>

I'm writing a story. Though I'm not sure if people will like it. :P

Kevin: (Mine's about a guy named Jake who's suicidal and in a shitty condition and position.)
Slater: (Interesting. Getting out some frustrations?)
Kevin: (Of course not.)
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