January 28th, 2004


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I am 23% evil.
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Fire. Impulsive. Unlike Air, you do jump before you
look. When you have something in mind, you
won't let go. You have a strong will, and will
do anything to get what you want. From time to
time you can forget that other people have
feelings too, but at most, you're a happy
jumping friend.

What is your element?
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Wow. I had no idea where any of the questions would go, but I still got fire. Go me! (Fire is my element; it's rather obvious, and I've known it for quite some time.)

edit: Hmm, any of the four elements on that quiz would have been fine for me, except water. Water definitely doesn't fit me.

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[01/28, 16:06] MistressPyronide: lots of snow
[01/28, 16:06] JimBob4554: Happy, but surprised.
[01/28, 16:06] JimBob4554: Yes.
[01/28, 16:06] MistressPyronide: ?
[01/28, 16:06] JimBob4554: Well, not that much snow.
[01/28, 16:06] JimBob4554: Maybe a foot pile-up.
[01/28, 16:06] MistressPyronide: cool
[01/28, 16:06] JimBob4554: Note that that's not that much by my opinion; we don't normally get that much down here.
[01/28, 16:06] MistressPyronide: omg
[01/28, 16:06] MistressPyronide: a whole foot?
[01/28, 16:06] JimBob4554: But I lived in Rochester for over half my life.
[01/28, 16:07] JimBob4554: HAHA
[01/28, 16:07] MistressPyronide: OMG
[01/28, 16:07] JimBob4554: Sorry, that's funny.
[01/28, 16:07] JimBob4554: "A whole foot?!"
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"An the wind blew the mountains down,
The seas swallowed the land,
I would find solace in your heart
And safety in your hand."
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