January 26th, 2004


Oh yah.

I do have a completed frequent buyer card thingie for Hot Topic, so if anyone wants to save up a bit of money and go with me sometime so that we can get a big 15% off, that'd be cool. :P

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K, applied for a Visa Platinum Plus card and a Discover gas card dealie (the percents on the gas card are better for my purposes, since I'm not going to be spending all that much, than on the platinum card), and I'm gonna go out at some point today to buy cigarettes and lotto tickets. (Yes, I'm actually taking that joke one step further and doing it. No, I'm not about to start smoking - how could you even think that of me?!) Guard is canceled for the day; hopefully school will be canceled for tomorrow.
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K, went and bought some cigarettes with my mom, then went to Shackelford's (sp?) for lunch - nowhere else was open! Then I went with Raleigh to the mall - wish I had brought my camera; there were tons of people sledding down the hill at Byrd, and it was an awesome sight - and now I'm home waiting for Alex and Dad so that we can go to Olive Garden. Then, if school's out, which it should be by the time I get home, I'm gonna have a few people over to spend the night, if they can. We can watch Underworld and such. :D

Oh yeah, and "The meek inherit Earth" is such a retarded expression - it's supposedly saying that it's good to be meek, but have you ever actually stopped to think about what it's actually saying? It's saying that, if you're too much of a wimp to go after something you want, then you'll eventually get it - after everyone that's actually willing to fight for what they want have it, play with it, and cast it aside for you to have the broken remains seventy-secondhand. What kind of message is that? Yeah, if you want to wait for some shitty Earth to be passed down to you when people are done with it, sure, be meek. Otherwise, get off your arse and go after what you want!


Alex just came home with my present. ^^;;; He got me some nice political books (such as the Federalist papers and the Anti-Federalist papers :P my gov't teacher should love that) and New Spring.. which I got on Friday. XP That was a great exchange.

"Hey Alex, still have the receipt?"
"You might want to return this; I already got it."
"Well, thanks for telling me, doofus! I wanted to read that. When'd you get it?"
"Friday, I think. And you're still not done with the tenth book."
"I finished it a while ago!"
"Well, thanks for returning them, doofus!"


Oh yeah, and school's now out for tomorrow. Mom got to watch them clicking through the presentation thingie that they make the channel on. :P

edit: K, gots my flowers from Daddy too. :)) (Okay, so I'm a freak and complained a couple years ago that Mommy got flowers and I didn't; deal with it. :P I like flowers.)

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Had trouble figuring out what to wish for on my candle.

Me: "Hungary and Turkey should get together."
Alex: "Why?"
Me: "..."

I forgot to mention, but one of the up escalators at Regency was squeaky and sounded like a recording of babies screeching. It was cool.

Blar, Raleigh can't make it over. I'm guessing Pat's about to come back with a no. Jeff'll be able to make it. I still want more people, though..