January 21st, 2004



The back of my throat feels like I'm getting sick. >_< Ugh.

I get to go take my chorus exam (easy) and then study for my calculus exam (...not-so-easy). >.>;; Prolly shouldda studied beforehand.

Anyway, yeah, exams, gaming, taking Snack home, dinner, and then I'll either get on or go to do my review for business law extra credit.
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Wish Chelsea hadn't gone. She was keeping me awake. Now I don't have any motivation to do my work for tomorrow (which I really should do). Guess I'll slack off tonight and see how tomorrow goes. Not well, likely, but who cares? It's just exams.

...x_x I am such a tard.

I am so gonna die when I have college classes where the exam is the only grade. x_x

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If you leave me...

What if I wake up and she's gone? I'd rather not wake up. I can't go to sleep with that fear.
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