January 13th, 2004


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Yey, saw Molly after school - she was there for show choir auditions. I forgot my glasses and wallet at home today. x_x But hey, I'm actually home at a decent hour for the first time in at least a week! :D

Oh, and.. I GOT A 104 ON MY CALC TEST!! WAHOO!!

edit: Oh yeah, thanks for the reminder, Chelsea - We're singing "Here I Am" in chorus!! :D:D:D Such a pretty, pretty song!

Man, I gotta say..

..I like rereading my OUAT stories. The last one or two (or rather half or one and a half) are pretty darn funny. The evolution of that type of comedy is evident as you read through the episodes.

"All of a suddenly, there came a knocking on the door. Quoth some raven, 'I'll get it,' and so he did."