Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

MysticStar761: ^^' After you left, my mom turned to me and said "What were you doing up there with that boy?!"
JimBob4554: I hope you said "Wild monkey sex!"
JimBob4554: Cuz that's what I woudl say.
JimBob4554: would*
MysticStar761: ^^' I blanked my face, pretended to be appalled and said "oh my *heard* that?!"
MysticStar761: ^_^
JimBob4554: XD

Went to visit Elizabeth up in Maryland for the day. Had lots of fun - watched some .hack//sign, watched Pirates, ate, played DDR, had a tickle fight (which I won, of course).. those were in no particular order. :P Much fun.

Oh, and the hair cut and coloring that she did for her Yuna costume looked very pretty. ^^

EDIT: Slightly better recount. Go to the "Sunday" part.
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