December 28th, 2003


hiccup.. hiccup.. hiccup..

I lost, but I may have won too. I don't know. I gave up my jester skull necklace, but possibly to a good cause. Hmm....

Gotta convince Sorrel and her parents to have a New Years party. If I can't, gotta convince my parents, but that's a lot less likely. So hopefully Sorrel&co will agree.

Hmm. Should probably go to bed before I think too much. That tends to get me in trouble. (Thinking too much also tends to keep me from good trouble.) Yeah, so.. yeah. Night. ::knit eyebrows::

...Oh, and I'm all bruised and bitten from the night, and a chair fell on my eye so I have a wound. But Snack made out with my neck, so that made up for it, kinda. And it gave me an excuse to whine all night, which is always good. ;)

::scratches head:: Thinking too much. Hrm. Must get camera. Now. Will definitely do that. Tomorrow. :P I hope. ::scratches head::
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Umm, can we say "massive away message?"

"Hmm.. I'm thinking. This is probably not a good thing.

Actually, this is definitely not a good thing, considering.. things.. but, for a short time (read: very, very short time), things might be nice.

... Who am I kidding? ~le sigh~ Besides, I have to get my college applications done; I can't spend time with this.

..Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and just do my essays. If I have motivation to do them (which I still don't), I might well..

Yeah, so, sorry for the long away message. I should probably stick this in a journal entry or something. Yeah."

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Oh yeah (sorry for the spam), did I mention that I feel well on my way to recovery? I'm almost certainly not, but I still feel it, and that's a damn good thing to feel. Now I just have to stop thinking so that I can go to bed without problems. Yeah.

Uhm.. hi? ::whine::

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Spent a couple hours at the Rave RP; had much fun. RPed a young female, which turned out very interesting. Was called a pedophile by Snack. o_O Didn't deny it, but I like spicing up people's ideas of me.

Uhm, kinda pushed Sorrel into having a New Years party (and, consequently, maneuvered my way out of spending the night at home, which I hadn't known I was supposed to do until just this morning, because Mom doesn't tell me things). Feel bad about doing that to her, but .. yeah. Much sorry, Sorrel. I will make it up to you however you want, I promise!

Uhm, gotta go shopping. Need to get a camera and film and start taking pictures of people to keep with me at college (and earlier for people that I'm not likely to see often/ever >.< teh sigh), and gotta get a new collar and leash since I have no idea where mine are. I wanna burn a CD of Bohica music for the party; apparently, I don't have a burner on this comp. >.< So I'm gonna have to transfer it and burn it elsewhere. Much suck.

Uhm, yes. Lots of energy/anxiety rushing through my body at the moment (as Bohica music wracks my body, not helping :P). So yeah.. uhm.. scared to turn off the music and try to get to sleep. o_o Things.

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