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09:16am 27/12/2003
  The key to happiness in life is timing.

The only thing better than publicity is free publicity.
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04:38pm 27/12/2003
  Dark dragon jpg
Shadow Dragon: People don't know that much about
you, there fore, you stay in the shadows and
keep to yourself. You would breathe Acid and
have scales made of the shadows themselves. Can
you say,

-What type of dragon are you?-
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04:41pm 27/12/2003
mood: discontent
I deleted my "Kamui bloodied" userpic instead of setting it as the default. Fuck. Now I really need to get the crap off my laptop. Which is gonna be a hassle when I get to it. Dammit.

Unless.. you don't by chance still have it, do ya Amanda?