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08:04am 22/12/2003
  I just had a very long dream about getting lunch that combined lunch at school with Glory Days. That's.. kinda weird.  
10:59am 22/12/2003
  I hate wind. ::gears up to go out to practice::

And where the heck is Sarah? I've been trying to call her for the past couple days. Pat, if you talk to her sometime today, give her directions to my house, wouldjya?
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09:19pm 22/12/2003
mood: drained
Apparently my birthday is a student holiday now. I've been waiting for people to figure out that my birthday should be a holiday; glad they finally caught on.


Yeah, so three people forgot their gifts from Slater (one of whom I know, two I have to track down), and someone forgot their cell phone antenna. Which is a little weird.. Definitely need to track them down. If it's someone that reads my LJ, yeah, I have your antenna. Tell me who you are. o_o And don't leave antennae in my house.
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