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09:51pm 20/12/2003
  Haha, Rita told me not to practice too much as we were leaving.

So, of the flags, I'm pretty sure that I was the only one that got the new toss/flick thingie. I got to the point where I almost had it, then asked Mary Anne (sp?) and she gave told me what I was doing wrong (the problem I was having was that it wasn't landing low enough; she told me to give it more flick so that it spun more in the same spot) and I got it. That was pretty cool. Mr. Mitchell even told Mr. McWilliams (sp?) that I had it when he and I were talking. :D

And Mr. McWilliams told me that Mr. Mitchell said I was MENSA material when they had been talking about me earlier. Mr. Mitchell is two points short of MENSA himself. I was very proud and very touched to hear that. At this point, Mr. Mitchell's opinion of me is the most important one to me. (Though, of course, MIT's opinion of me is up there too. ;)
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10:51pm 20/12/2003
  kidjapan2010: ::grip complane bitch::
JimBob4554: gripe, complain

Well, he got bitch right. That's a start, I suppose... >.>;;;;;;