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For those of you that don't pay attention to the news:   
10:46am 14/12/2003
  They captured Saddam Hussein alive in Iraq. Go to CNN.com (or elsewhere) to read about it.

edit: Bush is going to address the country at noon today, so turn on your tvs around then.
04:46pm 14/12/2003
mood: busy
I like the dedication of A Mathematician's Apology:

who asked me to write it

::gets down to reading:: Let's see if I can finish this (with notes) tonight; possibly even do some more research and write the damn paper. :P

edit: "For any serious purpose, intelligence is a very minor gift."

"Young men ought to be conceited: but they oughtn't to be imbecile."

moredit: "Good work is not done by 'humble' men."

moremoredit: "A man's first duty, a young man's at any rate, is to be ambitious."
06:58pm 14/12/2003
mood: lonely, scared
This is a sad book.
08:04pm 14/12/2003
Here, on the level sand,
Between the sea and land,
What shall I build or write
Against the fall of night?

Tell me of runes to grave
That hold the bursting wave,
Or bastions to design
For longer date than mine.
09:47pm 14/12/2003
mood: full
"Many people, of course, use 'sentimentalism' as a term of abuse for other people's decent feelings, and 'realism' as a disguise for their own brutality."

Uhh.. ::hides::
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