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08:37am 08/12/2003
  I was commenting to Mrs. Whitten about the fact that I had gotten a B/B- on this paper instead of a C/B, so I was improving, and I said that I would have a B/A by the end of the year. She replied, "No, I think your's will be a B.S., and it takes 4 years for that."

Oh, and I got "You are as brilliant as you seem" on one of my little paragraph thingies on a quiz [I analyzed the forces that come with a king and their attidudes and loyalties based on the division of poor, middling, and noble/advisor in a short but complete paragraph :D].
06:39pm 08/12/2003
mood: working

I've got ants in my ... site! :D

Oh, and Kiwi - Tenshi, Shima, Stephen, and Cary all agree with me. ;) Tug of war! :D
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