September 26th, 2003


Dreams of Early Bird AP English.

Darn you, Slataer! If you steal my seat, don't leave your stuff in your own seat. ;) Then I have to throw them on you to have a place to sit! :P And why the heck were you wearing a huge, puffy coat when it's not that cold? ;P

Uhh.. speaking of AP English, did we have a short story assignment other than the stream of consciousness one? And how long are our journal entries supposed to be? (I dun like our first topic. But hey, I can bash the artist in society! :D)

edit: I love that part of the plan for one of the days of AP English (as shown on her website) was "Discuss Hell" ^^

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"His eyes were dimmed with tears and, looking humbly up to heaven, he wept for the innocent he had lost."


Papa John's just showed up with a pizza for us. Thing is, we already got it fifteen minutes ago. Alex and I are hoping it wasn't poisoned; he bet that alcohol would counteract the effects of the poison (he was drinking a Corona, I a Coke). I bet him that it would triple it and he'd be dead three hours before I was. So now whoever dies first gets the other's stuff. :P

edit: That is pretty cool. I wonder who won first place at the competition..?

Nobody loves me.

Me: Nobody loves me.
Afton: I'm sorry.

What kinda answer is that?! Jeez! "I'm sorry"?! If she knew nobody loved me, why did she not tell me? Why don't people just walk up to me and tell me, "I don't love you"?? That would make things a lot easier! ::sobs:: I can't believe this! That was the most horriblest response I've ever heard to something like that! That's a load of bull! I can't believe she said that! ::sobs more::