September 1st, 2003


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Which Royo Painting Are You?
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Squirrel cheese. Num.
You are a normal rock!

::Which rock personality disorder (from the Zoloft commercial) should you have? (Results contain pictures!) TAKE IT< RATE IT
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I love this one, though:

"You are the suicidal/self-mutilating rock. You are one of the truly messed up kinds. Life must kind of suck for you. Either that, or your harm yourself on the outside to kill the thing on the inside. Or maybe you just want attention because you hate your upper-middle class suburbian neighborhood and comfortable lifestyle."

::laughs:: Very nice. Love the end.


Just finished watching King Lear with Tenshi; was quite good. Gonna eat dinner and then work on finishing the rest of my work - 1½ plays, 3 poems (gotta get those from Broomy still), and 6 short stories.

Nobody seems to know if we have early bird tomorrow, and I don't know when it starts. Tenshi guessed 7:15, but it doesn't let out till 8:30, and other classes are 49 minutes, so I doubt that it'll be over an hour. So I'll just show up tomorrow at 7:30 and see what happens - either I'll be late, on time, or (more likely) very early. I doubt that we'll have early bird tomorrow.

I have work from 5:30 to volume on Saturday and 12 to 5 on Sunday; I like working mornings - it's slow and the time passes quickly - so I'm quite pleased.

If anyone knows..

I was driving earlier today and heard a song that I wanted to get, but now I can't remember any of its lyrics - if I could remember even one line, I'd be able to find it easily. But the message (in one part) boiled down to "I can't decide if this is love, but there's no need to rush" or somesuch. I dunno. If that message seems familiar to anyone, please tell me. @.@ I need to find that song.

The King Must Die.

From a quick search I just did trying to find it online, it seems that The King Must Die is a book of about 330 pages; it's the Greek story of the Minotaur and such. Though.. it's supposed to be a play, according to the reading list.. P'raps it's a very long play. >_< Gosh, that was a bad choice to leave for now. Especially considering I can't even find the damn thing! ::growls:: Stupid checked-out copies at the library.. stupid not-working-for-Labor-Day libraries.. >_<

Welp, I have (I think) until Monday; if I get desperate, I'll make Mom buy the book for me. Or try to; might have to do it myself. Hope not, though. >_
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Quick update.

Might be helping Faji with a campaign he's working on; hope to be able to, but time is crunchy.

EDIT: "One thing's about as good as another, if you take it just right. I've often said that." Quite true. And Gods, I miss Sorrel. o_o Aaaaand that'll be the last that you'll hear from me of that for a while, methinks.