August 28th, 2003



I swear I'm getting sick. I keep freakin' sneezing!

If I am, this is the weirdest sickness I've ever had. Cuz it almost doesn't show. So it could just be reactions to band camp.. or it could be something that a bug bite gave me. I should probably get that checked. (Yeah, my parents' paranoia seems to be rubbing off on me a little bit. OH NOES WEST NILE!)
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I /was/ going to comment on Sophia's LJ entry, but decided against it after reading the following:

"Decided to stay home from Guard today... I'm a bit sick.. Stomach problems. (No performing the first football game for me.. I don't mind. I'd look terrible anyway. Now I get to laugh as everyone performs.)"

I really dislike her attitude. She's never been a good person, and I don't care that she picked it up at home; she needs to learn to deal with other people. I hope people can understand why I have the uncontrollable urge to choke her a lot of the time (and by uncontrollable, I mean that I go ahead and choke her - she makes me very annoyed).