August 25th, 2003



My legs are dead, and we're gonna have to march. A lot. Ugh. And Jeff hasn't gotten back yet; if I don't get a chance to talk to him, then I get to walk to band camp. That should make everything fun. ::dies::

Oh, and I've got work from 4 to volume on Saturday.. but Jason's gonna see if his brother will switch shifts with me (so that I'd be working 11 to 4). If that doesn't work, I'll try calling Billy Reynolds, but I'm reeeeeeally hoping this works, cuz I doubt that I'd get Billy to do it. And since it's Jason asking, hopefully it'll work out better than if I did. If I have to work, I'll be very upset.

Oh, and I decided I'm not going to the party on Friday, for various reasons.
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More fun band expressions.

"Left is right, and right is wrong."

Setting drill was pretty easy, though rather warm. Got home, dropped my stuff off, and went to swing by Slater's to pick up the d20 handbook. Ended up staying about an hour and a quarter. >.> There are no short visits to Slater's house. :P But it's fun to talk to him. Got home, ate a good dinner. Guard stuff screws up my eating cycle somewhat, and Dad was commenting on how I looked like I lost weight. I weighed myself at 144 somewhere near the beginning of summer, and I weighed myself just now at 146 full of food, so.. I'm pretty much holding my own. We'll see what happens when I get DDR. XP

Gonna make my char for Jeff's game tonight. Fun stuff. Or at least try to - I don't want to stay up too late.
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