August 22nd, 2003


Jeff -

I didn't say it was Slater's fault. I said that Slater would fuck it up - as in, his existence. Afton held tight against everything that Slater tried to do to keep her from doing the game; when he decided not to play is when she started this crap.

I'm sorta glompable.

You're sort of glompable. You're kind and happy
enough to let someone glomp you, but you're
rather delicate, so you have to be careful!

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Shit, it is only one week.. I'm so very very screwed. .... DAMMIT! GRAH! ::feels like punching something::

You're perfectly bisexual. Your sexual preference
is for human beings - sexy ones. Genital-type
makes about as much difference to you as hair

How Bisexual are You?
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