July 20th, 2003


=) Feelin' pretty good.

(The mood should be "Chipper, but I wish someone were here to give me a back massage", but I like using moods that they already have since it's not that often that my mood matches one.)

Work was, in a word, slow. In a few words, it was very, very slow. Sundays are slow anyway, and this Sunday especially. It was perfect for me. ^_^ Not as much tipshare tomorrow, granted, but the night was very easy, and I love that. :) One of those nights were I didn't want to go home, but was forced to cuz nothing was happening. I was last out (Lewis wasn't allowed to work tonight cuz he'd already done 46 hours this week - he'd started as a prep cook as well, and Jason obviously didn't think to figure out how many hours he assigned Lewis - and Mark didn't wanna pay him overtime when he didn't have to, so it was just Brian (who I like working with quite a bit) and me on tonight) and I still got out before 10.

Leah's not coming to visit Amanda because of college prep stuff, Slater prolly can't make it because of various reasons, and my parents don't wanna drive two weekends in a row - so what they're proposing is that we go up that Friday morning, and they'd drop me off and hightail it to Atlantic City. Then they'd pick me up on Monday and we'd go back. Now, that's a bit less than the week that I was planning on, so I'm gonna have to talk about that with Amanda. The only plus side that I see to that (besides it being easier on my parents and her parents and the fact that I don't like showering in strange showers) is that I'd be able to go to the other car wash for Guard, thereby fulfilling my minimum of two. Otherwise I'd only be able to do the one this weekend. >.<

Things to do: Everything from yesterday, plus pick movie time for tomorrow and take time off work for next month (which, if I remember Guard schedules correctly, will be almost the whole month, but I basically only work weekends anyway, so whatever).

Want Sorrel to get back. >.< Actually, just receiving my letters would be nice. ><

EDIT: League at 7:20 tomorrow for anyone that wants to join us. And I plan on seeing Bad Boys II by the week's end. Thinking' Thurs at 7:40.

morEDIT: I want to call Tenshi, but I don't know if she's roaming or not; I sent her a text message and asked while I was at work. Yes, it was just that slow. ^_^
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Arucard t: ....what do you mean gaming
JimBob4554: RPG. Like, real gaming. Actual pencil and paper, interacting with people while a GM herds you like cattle gaming.

Cut from my comment in Nanashi's LJ - "What do you think of D&D thus far, after seeing us make Shima's character? (Yes, I have a one track mind. And it's not related to sex. Odd, ne?)"