July 13th, 2003



Went to Tan A to buy Pocky to send to Sorrel. Went with my parents. They loved it! :D Both Mom and Dad are eager to go back there to shop; say that they have good prices on veggies, fish, meat.. ^_^!! :D:D

And I saw Raleigh & Co. there. ^^ Unexpected but fun. ^_^

EDIT: Derek. ^^

Oh, and I found a tick on my leg yesterday. >.< That sucked.
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I talked to Snack; he hadn't seemed upset with my comment earlier, and I found out why now. Glad he wasn't upset; I hadn't wanted to say anything.

Here's why I'm incredulous:

tenshi en grey: Heh heh, I wouldn't kill you (::is explaining in LJ:: ) and the bigger surprise is that my parents aren't mad about anything at all
tenshi en grey: they're quite pleased with you
JimBob4554: ::gapes::
JimBob4554: That's insane.
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