June 12th, 2003



I'm seriously considering quitting CT. Three people post, and Kath is NOT one of them. I don't see the point in staying there. At least on Nippon, the GMs actually CARE about their RPG; Kath couldn't care less. She's the one that's supposed to be encouraging people to post; I'm not supposed to be bugging her to post every day. As it stands, it's a waste of my time to check that board.

I'll give it a few days past AMA. I realize that school's still in session and that activity might pick up once it lets out. But if it doesn't, I'm gone.. I'll either just delete, or I'll go on a rampage and give people something to react to; seems pretty boring even where there's activity.
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MRM!! [CT]

Think Kath would make me an Admin before she left? That way I could keep the game moving (and godmode her character at least into a position where he won't be interacting with others).

EDIT: OOH YEAH! Take that, non-admin peoples! XDD

(Thanks, Kath. ^^)

Yeah, so nobody quit. XDD I'm gonna see what I can do about getting things going. Give me a little bit of time, ne? XDDDD
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Wow. ^^

Boondock Saints was an awesome, awesome, FUNNY movie! :D:D Tenshi, you'd love it! Or at least lots of parts of it. ^^;

OOH! Almost forgot! Jeff and I kissed. ^^; (Nanashi was actually encouraging us! XD) That's the first one that I've initiated and actively participated in. ^^ Erin kissed me; Rick kissed me; Faji kissed me. Jeff and I kissed (though still a tiny one ^^). Wheeeeeeeeeee!! :D:D:D

EDIT: Oh, and Nanashi swears when quoting things. Bad Nanashi! Bad! >_<

I won't be at school tomorrow, but I will be going around and driving people to AMA and such. I'll need to get directions everywhere. ^^;


Oh yah - I got a 100 on the Neo essay that I turned in for English, and an 88 (with the 5 points extra credit) on the physics exam (a little short of the 101.5 that I needed to make my A. ::sigh::).