June 2nd, 2003



It is flippin' FREEZING in my house! >.< Darnit! But the stolen bandwith is flying. :D

I'm off very soon to school so that I can talk to Mrs. Bruner before her early bird class, if early bird still exists.
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Sano in bath


Whoo, just wolfed down some chicken and potatoes. DDR = hungry!! (And what's with the lack of emotions? Seriously!)

Afronova is insane! That is NOT 4 feet!!

Yeah, so, watched Animatrix and played DDR. That was fun. Played like 6 songs (whoo!), and we started Ally on songs. Yay! Lol. :P It was tons of fun. Gotta find out what I'm doing the rest of the week; I wanna play more!!

And I gotta add more time to Tenshi's LJ account. Whee.

Ooh, and gotta find my English book. >.<

Oh, and bug bites r teh suck. >.
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Russian DDR

Forgot to mention - while on the way home, I was listening to a Russian song and thinking, "Hey, this would be a good DDR song." I used to think that about other songs, but it's been so long since I've played DDR. Yeah, there are definitely a lot of good Russian songs for DDR, and I'd be able to learn the words and the song a lot more easily than a Japanese song.

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Damn you, Tenshi!

You're not supposed to get off while I'm typing! GRR! And there has to be a C and D..

2x+1            Ax+B   C   D
------------- = ----- + - + --
x^2 + x - 2     x^2   x   -2

The bottom is divided around, ne? There are three terms in the bottom, and one is quadratic, so that makes for 4 variables.

And don't tell me it's your homework! If I start working a problem, it becomes mine too!


I can top you, Koneko. I found a moth in cereal that I was eating. I picked up my spoon, saw a thin thingie that looked like a piece of wood, and was about to eat it when I decided to have another look; good thing I did, cuz on that second look I noticed that it was a moth.

Should prolly throw that box of cereal away.

So yeah, I topped you. Ugh. Not feeling so hot.
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