May 30th, 2003



Got a prescription from doctor for sickness, and she said that my blood rate's nothing to worry about (though exercise wouldn't kill me ;). Gonna go see Finding Nemo with people tonight; gonna leave after this message to see how many tickets they have for the 7:40, then start calling people and inviting them. Gonna buy some tix in advance for people, then return any that aren't bought off me. :P There's a mandatory Guard meeting on Friday the 13th; I was okay with going to work on that day, but the fact that I have to take off work to go to the Guard thing to get measured and stuff really aggravates me. But oh well; I decided when I decided to do this that I'd go all out for it, so I'll be doing whatever's required of me. Blargh.

Well, off to get tix and stuff. Call the cell if you need me. I'll be stopping in at home if I need to get directions to anyone's house, since I may need to pick people up.
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