May 25th, 2003



Have lots and lots of stuff to say, so I'm sure that I'll forget at least half of it. I'll add more or make another post or something, but I'm sure I still won't get all of it.

Was at a game store (GameStop) and found Galerians:Ash.. How much did you get yours for, Koneko? It was $40 here (new). And I forgot to check, and I don't remember if you told me or not, but is it for PSone or only PS2?

There were used PSones for $30.. that, I can afford.

It's depressing visiting old family.. they're all sick and stuff.. and I'm related to them all - what's in store for me when I get old? And old person smell at my grandma's. Eww. >.< I got to play with Zoya though (stuffed rabbit that used to be mine but I gave it to her years ago.. really fun to play with ^^ cute as all heck). Grandma.. I know it's not nice to talk about old people like this, but she's nosy and thinks that she knows how everyone's life should be run. It's kind of annoying. And my mom is the biggest bitch I've ever met - I wish Dad would just let her go through her tantrums and not pay her any mind. I don't know how he's stood her for this long.

We went over to my uncle's house; that was tons of fun! Got pwned in table tennis by my favorite cousin, and his kid spent an hour and a half beating me up. :P That was kinda painful. >.> Four-year-olds HURT! It's been a while since I've gotten to play with a kid, though, so that was awesome. And it's been a while since I've been spanked by a family member.. though not so long since I've been spanked by a non. ;)

I'm gonna call Maggie in a bit, after we eat, and see if she's free for a movie. If not, I'll try to scrounge up my family and see if they won't go to a movie (though I doubt I'll be able to get them to ;.;).

And.. been thinkin' more. ^^; I'm thinkin' yes. We'll see. ^^;; Though, if I do, that'll kinda kill what you were saying, Tenshi, cuz the situation will definitely not be the same, but oh well.. And I don't know why everyone keeps encouraging me (actually, I think only one person does, but I spend enough time with them that it seems like everyone o.o). You people are weird.

Oh, and I had a distinct urge to get DDR quickly, cuz I dun wanna get it when the fad has passed (assuming it does anytime soon). Everyone wants to fit in, they just choose which group they want to fit in with. I've chosen my group, and now I want DDR! :P

Oh, and my nose is stuffy now. Whaaaa!! >.
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Maggie's going to a church family thing (I r teh king of bad timing), and nobody wants to go to the movies with me. I'd go by myself, but Dad's gonna need the van to go to Grandma's, and I don't want to borrow a car cuz.. yeah.. getting into a crash with someone else's car = very bad. So no movie for me. Poo. Oh well; I'll deal. Not like I don't have enough stuff to do for school anyway.
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