May 15th, 2003


Guess what! More Guard! ^^;

The ball of my left foot hurts. We were fooling around during one of the breaks; landing on the balls of your feet on a hard floor while wearing socks = bad. :P Was fun, though. ^_^ Making some friends, kinda, I think. At least interacting a bit more easily. Having trouble getting a replacement for me for tomorrow; will probably have to work. That'll suck. My weekend will be full of Guard practice: 1-6 on Saturday, then like all day on Sunday.. And then on Monday I get to go show off what I've learned and hopefully make Color Guard. :) Wish me luck!

Today though, I'm not gonna practice. I'm just gonna relax. Didn't bring a flag home; not even gonna practice the step-hop crap that I'm having trouble with. And pauses were introduced into the routine that were screwing me up. I need to be there tomorrow! ::sigh:: We'll see what happens.

I finally got my sunglasses!! W00t w00t! :D I'm hungry, so I'm gonna have some soup, then come up here and catch up online before (hopefully) going to read To Kill a Mockingbird. Tomorrow, I need to help Kendell with her trig so that she'll get a good grade on the quiz (thanks for reminding me! =), so I need to get there a bit early again. And I got a 107/100 on the presentation for Spanish - missed 3 things. ::shrug:: I actually missed more in the actual presentation, but when I was saying it, I corrected it, so she didn't take off. I thought that was nice of her. :)

Okay, going now, really! Bye! :) Matte!
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Why so concerned?

I really dislike shallowness in people, regardless of how intelligent or deep or whatever I know them to be. Concern with looks may be more like it. Some things I'm okay with, some I'm not (and it varies in intensity from person to person, but I think the standard remains basically unchanged); it's kinda arbitrary. Still, makes me sad. And mad. Big words. Go vocab! ::does a little cheer::